The real estate industry inspires a lot of different perceptions. Unfortunately, for the professional, hard-working agents in the industry, many of them are negative.

The most common ones we hear all the time include the ideas that real estate agents are lazy, or dishonest – or both.

We’re proud to say that it’s not true, but to help you understand the value quality real estate agents can bring to your life, it’s time to be discerning.

Connections Count

Being well-connected is a benefit that is difficult to measure.

The best real estate agents come with something that all clients appreciate – a solid database and, even better, genuine relationships with people that matter. Whether you’re selling, leasing or managing a tenancy, having access to a real estate agent with a list of qualified buyers or tenants ready to do business is something that saves time and delivers money. Yes, marketing still needs to happen to boost interest and competition between interested parties, but being able to direct that marketing campaign, with a laser focus, at people who are keen to hear the marketing message, is a brilliant start to any successful real estate campaign.

Creating Urgency

If you believe everything you read in the media, a real estate agent’s ability to create urgency is tantamount to snake oil salesman behaviour. But creating that urgency is all about increasing competition that attracts more potential buyers or tenants to make a decision. And if you’re on the other side of the coin, working with a real estate agent who has the ability to get potential parties interested and drive more traffic to your property sale can only be seen as positive, surely?

Great sales technique is an exercise in human psychology and by working with an estate agent who is adept at reading people and the situation at hand leads to great results that delivers genuine outcomes, without the game-playing.

Cut To The Chase

The real estate industry as a whole has copped criticism about false and misleading statements, with no thanks to an occasional few who have made it difficult for the rest of us with ethics and integrity.

To deal with a real estate agent in a language you understand, be clear with them about your need to cut to the chase – without the fuss.
A professional real estate agent will always take the time to truly listen to what you have to say and if you don’t want double-speak, tell them your expectations to everyone can communicate clearly and effectively.

They know the unique lingo of their industry, just as you know the unique language of your own area of expertise.

If anything is unclear to you, tell them to talk your language. Enjoying conversations that are clear and concise is a great way to do any business and get a working relationship off to the right foot from the start.

Choosing The Right Agent

And that’s where CRS Property comes in.
We may not be the biggest in the business but that just means we work even harder to deliver brilliant customer service that delivers fantastic results.

We have and continue to win repeat business with loyal clients who value our genuine love for what we do – a love of problem-solving and keeping our customers happy.

Managing Director Ross Mercorillo and Senior Principal Lincoln McConnell-Brown both agree – “We are proud to deliver a level of expertise, commitment and service that is unrivalled in our domain,” says Managing Director Ross Mercorillo.

Senior Principal Lincoln McConnell-Brown agrees.

“With experts across a wide range of services and senior people that are always available and ready to roll their sleeves up, CRS Property can say that we genuinely treat our clients as part of our family, and not a number.”

In the competitive world of real estate, we know that people matter and by looking after your needs with pride and care, we love helping people enjoy property transactions that give them the outcomes they need.




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